Prof. Ng Yin Kwee

Assoc. Professor in MAE; Snr. Hall Fellow. Ng obtained a B.Eng (CL I) from Uni. of Newcastle upon Tyne; Ph.D at Cambridge Univ. with a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship; PG Diploma in Teaching Higher Edu., NIE-NTU.

He published > 370 papers in SCI-IF int. journal (252); int. conf. proceedings (117), textbook chapters (81) and others (22) over the 22 years. Co-edited 10 books on ¡°Cardiac Pumping and Perfusion Engineering¡± by WSP (2007); ¡°Imaging and Modelling of Human Eye¡± by Artech (2008); ¡°Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, v.1¡± by ASP (2009); ¡°Performance Evaluation in Breast Imaging, Tumor Detection & Analysis¡± by ASP (2010); ¡°Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, v.3¡± by ASP (2011); ¡°Computational Analysis of Human eye with Applications¡± by WSP (2011); ¡°Human Eye Imaging and Modeling¡± by CRC (2011); ¡°Multimodality Breast Imaging¡± by SPIE (2013); ¡°Image Analysis and Modeling in Ophthalmology¡±; ¡°Ophthalmology Imaging and Applications¡± by CRC (2013, 2014). Also, he co-authored a text book: ¡°Compressor Instability with Integral Methods¡± by Springer (2007).

He is an invited keynotes speaker for more than 15 international scientific confs./workshops. He is active in offering consulting services & a fellow of SAF-NTU Academy. 15 of his papers have been adopted as references in Singapore Standard (SS 582: 2013) and ISO/IEC 80601-2-59: 2008. He is also presently serving as panel member for the Biomedical Standards Committee, Singapore.

The affable adjunct NUH scientist has a special interest in infrared (IR) physics & technology and has contributed greatly to research on IR, in particular on application of IR to biomedical sciences. The co-inventor of three USA patents on multiple analytical software classifier programs to identify the different stages of breast cancer development using thermal data with Lifeline¡¯s First Warning TM system, he further explores the use of IR in the field of ophthalmology for early detection of health abnormality. He collaborates with fellow researchers from National Health Group Hospitals, also, Poland and USA so as to consistently achieve breakthrough such as concluding the possibility of using the Biofield Diagnostic System as a better objective assessment tool for complimentary breast cancer detection. Those 3 patents (with Lifeline Biotechnologies, Inc. NV) have attracted more than 10m USD from USA directly. This First Warning Systems are processed for the CE Mark currently & to be followed by clinical validation with FDA and market entry of the inventions in select European markets.